The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups. -Henry Hazlitt, Economics in One Lesson, 1946

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TWIS/TWINS Table of Contents

That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen
by Frederic Bastiat, 1850

Table of Contents

   i. Complete Text | MP3
      (Section-by-section mp3s are not available at this time.)

   I. The Broken Window
  II. Disbanding of Troops
 III. Taxes
  IV. Theatres, Fine Arts
   V. Public Works
  VI. Intermediates
 VII. Restrictions
VIII. Machinery
  IX. Credit
   X. Algeria
  XI. Frugality and Luxury
 XII. He Who Has a Right to Work Has a Right to Profit + FOOTNOTES

Thank you, Mises Institute.